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About This Project

Graduation Ceremony 2023 : Leysin American School

As a trusted partner for live event production, we were thrilled to collaborate with Leysin American School for their 2023 Graduation Ceremony. Our mission was to ensure that this pivotal moment for graduates and their families was captured with the utmost precision and professionalism.


Services Provided


Live Streaming

Leveraging top-of-the-line technology and our technical expertise, we successfully live streamed the event, allowing relatives and friends from around the world to join in the celebration virtually. Our team ensured a seamless, high-quality streaming experience that brought viewers closer to the action, no matter their location.


Video Recording

We preserved every precious moment of the graduation ceremony on film, from the procession of graduates to the conferral of diplomas, and the joyous tossing of caps. Our team employed multiple camera angles and professional-grade equipment to capture these memories in high resolution.


Event Production & Coordination

We worked closely with Leysin American School’s staff to coordinate all technical aspects of the event. From the early stages of planning, through to setup and the live event, our team ensured that all audio and video equipment was installed and functioning optimally. We handled all technical contingencies swiftly, ensuring a smooth event progression.



The event was a tremendous success. The live stream allowed distant friends and family to participate in real time, while the video record serves as a lasting memento of this significant milestone. We received positive feedback from both the school and the audience, who appreciated the professional quality and the seamless experience of our services. We are proud to have helped Leysin American School celebrate their students’ achievements in such a memorable way.


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