VR: Synchronized 360° video app (android)


The most simple and efficient way to simultaneously play 360° videos on multiple android phones. Simple and elegant 360° video player for events / corporate demos, ideal for tradeshows and specific experiences. This app allows the playing of one “locked” video on multiple devices at the same time. Simply add a 360° video at the root of phone’s internal memory and rename it “video.mp4”.

One phone will be “Server” while all others are “Client”. Input the Server’s IP address on “Client” phones, so it will automatically connect and accordingly send commands: play, choose video setting (mono 360 video and stereoscopic 360 video) pause and reset.


GlobalVision’s synchronized 360° video app allows multiple users to look at your contents, all while their VR experience is synchronized, so that you can start and stop everyone at the same time.
The app ensures all users in the group view the same content, as configured by the master device.

One of the key benefit is to be able to fully control the content being reviewed by your audience.
Second main interest is to be able to run timed sessions, where all users start and stop at the same time.

The app requires the Master device to be connected on same network as Slave devices. This can be a public network, a private or an ad-hoc connection.
Once all devices are on the same network, the master device will scan and register all phones to control. Once this is done, their are now paired and will behave Following instructions by Master phone.

Do you need a personalized 360° video player, with synchronization: we have you covered!
Our app is fully designed to your colours, match your corporate guidelines, while retaining all of the great functions.
And the best is you can still publish it on the Appstore and Playstore, just as we did ourselves many times.

Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.globalvision.globalvisionVideomulti&hl=en

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