Industrial use of UAV

The globalvision‘s (drones) UAV can be used for personal, professional and industrial uses. The drones are equipped with cameras and realize orthophotos, i.e. aerial photograph of the earth surface.

These aerial pictures are used to re-create 3D environment or to measure the distance between two points. To do so, several pictures of the same point are made but each time with different angles. Once the pictures are gathered, a space in three dimensions is created. There are various utilizations of these pictures such as:

  • territory planning
  • urbanism
  • environment

For this kind of flight, the UAV are pre-programmed. All of the GPS coordinates are determined before the flight and the drone flies in auto pilot. All the necessary technical devices for your industrial use are provided by globalvision. Our 360° streetview is made according to your needs.

If you want to realize an industrial use of the UAV, just contact globalvision.

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