ISO office now visible on Google Maps

GlobalVision is Google Trusted Photographer in Switzerland and helping organizations and companies to make their debuts on Google search and Google Maps. Thanks to Google Business Photos (http://www.google.com/places), Google’s program allowing companies to create interior virtual tours connected to the streetview, one can visit places always more exclusive.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland, now offers an outstanding 360° virtual tour of its offices and take this advantage to demonstrate implications of its normalization work for the industry in a (totally fun) environment.

The complete tour is accessible through Google search, or via the following URL: http://goo.gl/BjVwNA

For example, one can find the following illustration of international norms :

ISO 7165: Fire fighting — Portable fire extinguishers — Performance and construction

ISO 12402-5:2006 Personal flotation devices

ISO/DIS 9523 Touring ski-boots for adults

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