Swiss Mining Institute Streaming

Swiss Mining Institute (SMI) presents two major annual investment conferences per year in Switzerland. They hired us to take care of the paper and online communication of the conference happening on March 2016 in Geneva. Before the event, we edited the page layout and updated their paper programm according to the speacker’s presentations.

Then the conference was live streamed on SMI’s website. To broadcast the conference in a dynamic way, we used a full equiped captation system composed of 3 cameras and a video mixer.

All of our streaming are customizable depending to the client needs, i.e. logo, keynote, picture and video.

For their own archive and communication needs, after the conference we cut the record per speakers and uploaded the videos in HD on Youtube.

With our 15 years of expertise, we can handle different aspects of your conference and event. Simply contact us if you want more information about our streaming services.

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