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Customer: Montblanc


Brief summary: For the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva), the luxury brand Montblanc contacted GlobalVision to create a one-of-a-kind booth, featuring VR experience and green-screen photostudio. The idea was to leave an imprint on visitors mind. Mission completed… and the booth deserved a design award as well.


Concept: To make its booth a lively one, where visitors gather and enjoy, Mont-Blanc’s aim was to create a social media corner. In this zone, during all duration of the exhibition it was possible to enjoy immersive experience, and have own photos taken and printed live on the booth. This also served as a strong encouragement for people to play and publish their photos and stories with the hashtag #spiritofexploration.


Solution: Our creative expertise has been asked before the show started to help figure out the visual content. We recommended for a similar experience across all social media corner, and suggested for the use of some of our images available from 360° aerial images collection, featuring the Mont-Blanc famous landscape. So the virtual reality (VR) experience and the photostudio would be declined on the same set of images, conveying a better, stronger sense of presence across experiences.

Hence, we created a VR app that allows visitors to enjoy breathtaking view over Mont-Blanc, then our event team installed an indoor climbing wall with a top-down view photostudio. When coming inside the giant booth, the participant takes place on the wall before starting the countdown to photo-taking. A few seconds later the photostudio takes a picture where the green floor is replaced by a rocky mountain wall, giving the illusion that all of it has been captured on a cliff of Mont-Blanc.

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