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About This Project

360° Immersive Video of Fête des Vignerons 2019

Fête des Vignerons is a traditional Swiss festival taking place in Vevey, Switzerland since the 19th century. This festival celebrates the world of winemaking in Switzerland, and the event takes place about every 25 years. In 2016, Fête des Vignerons was recognized as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Most recent edition happened in July and August 2019 and GlobalVision is proud to be one of the accredited media partners. During this great occasion, GlobalVision captured most of their breathtaking performances and created 360° immersive video of Fête des Vignerons.

This breathtaking festival celebrates the spirit of winemaking and those who craft it in region of Lake Léman, i.e. Lake Geneva. All the shows were impressively prepared and performed by the volunteers in a 20,000-seat arena in Vevey.

Therefore, to showcase the scale of Fête des Vignerons, GlobalVision used its 360° camera, the Insta360 Pro 2 to capture the event in all of its glory.

Fête des Vignerons 360° Video

Worldwide audiences can immerse themselves in 360° immersive video of Fête des Vignerons and watch their performces in all angles. Viewers can enjoy experiencing this 360° video on all-in-one VR headsets such as Oculus Go or Oculus Quest. Otherwise, they simply view it 360-degree on all browsers.

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