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About This Project

360° Little Planet Wishcard of AE Schmid

AE Schmid – is a real estate agency in Geneva, Switzerland. The company offers real estate services including brokering and property development. AE Schmid portfolio features apartments and houses for rent and sell across Geneva, whether in city center locations or suburban areas. This year,a desire arised to create an innovative idea for the new year wishcard. As such, the compagny contacted GlobalVision to look for a solution and as a result, we created a 360° little planet wishcard for them. A simple, yet unique, video designed to make an impact to their clients.

In the 360° little planet wishcard, we used 360° panoramic aerial photo of Geneva, Switzerland. Viewers can immediately recognize the iconic water fountain of the city and beautiful landscape of Geneva from a bird’s-eye perspective.


With the submitted files, AE Schmid can choose to either to print this little planet wishcard or send it via its email newsletter.

360° little planet wishcard

This kind of little planet wishcard can be made from either photorealistic or 3D 360-degree images. You can find all materials at GlobalVision’s production house. If you prefer to licence our existing 360° stock, it’s possible since we have many 360° panoramas around the world. Otherwise, if you would like to create your own image, it’s is at your fingertip.

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