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About This Project

360° VR of Partage Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland

Founded in 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland Partage Foundation is considered as the food bank in the canton of Geneva.

The way it works focuses on three essential pillars: “economic, social and environmental.”
The foundation gather unsold products from supermarkets, stores and shops around Geneva and then arrange them for the next steps. Once Partage finishes sourcing available products, it will be redistributed to partnering NGOs and organizations, who in turn will donate it to their own users. All these products are given for free to those in need.


In order to show and help visualize the work done by Fondation Partage everyday, they contracted GlobalVision to create a 360° immersive video. This video was captured over several days, spanning across the canton of Geneva, in order to follow the daily life of the Fondation and record the necessary bits of footages.

GlobalVision’s crew filmed the whole process of Partage with a 360° camera. The video starts at local supermarkets where the staff collects unsold and overdue products, these are then brought back to the main Partage facility, where the products and sorted and inventored and finally ends with the distribution of goods to the various partner NGOs.


In Partage Foundation’s 360° immersive video, viewers can immerse themselves in the daily life of one of the most useful, yet unseen, organization in Geneva and see for themselves how Partage works everyday. Users can watch this 360° video on all browsers or on all-in-one VR headsets such as Oculus Go or Oculus Quest.

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