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Customer: Les Roches International School of Hotel Management


Brief summary: Les Roches International School of Hotel Management owns several campuses around the world, and provide tuition for a large, diverse community of students. The global headquarter  required a unified platform to help an international promotional effort and supply enrollment officers, executives and team at tradeshows with tools to promote the campuses.



Concept: Capitalizing on the international presence of the school campuses, GlobalVision proposed an “international vr little planet” concept, featuring the most famous landmarks in each country, and offering the possibility to visit each campus in 360° virtual reality. In addition to providing the graphic work and programming of the experience, we also supplied the school and its representatives with over 500 Head-Mounted Display headsets, allowing for a truly immersive experience.



Solution: GlobalVision offered a complete solution, from image creation to programming of a WebVR experience and integration of various tours created by local suppliers in some countries.  Our WebVR platform maximizes the reach and allows use by anyone, on any device, be it a computer, an Iphone or Android device. In addition to immerse the prospective student in the environment, the tour also give numerous practical informations about the campuses and allows to get unique insights on the various classrooms and facilities presented. The campuses available for visit are located in Switzerland, Spain, USA, China and Jordan.


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Thumbnails inside Les Roches

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