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Customer: Visilab (www.visilab.ch)


Brief summary: To support the launch of Visilab’s national campaign for the promotion of “Visigrade Individual Precision” progressive glasses we were tasked to provide the brand with visual production in print, video and Virtual Reality (VR). Our role included the concept creation, shooting of images, post-production and hardware procurement for all 68 Visilab shops in Switzerland. 


Concept: Visigrade Individual Precision lenses provide a new paradigm in progressive correction glasses, and enhance quality of life for their users. In order to provide shops employees with adequate material, GlobalVision proposed a complete concept, from script to screens. In the concept, the glasses are used in common daily situations (staircase, car, mountain trekking) and compared with classical lenses.


Solution: GlobalVision proposed to display the campaign on three different mediums, adapted for various kinds of situations and customers segments.

  1. Flyers at Point of Sales (POS)
  2. Regular comparison videos visible on display at POS
  3. immersive VR experience to be enjoyed at POS and also publicly accessible on Appstore and Playstore.

The declination allows for a holistic approach, customer-oriented, where the opticians can use whichever tool fits best the given situation and the customer inclination. All images were crafted by our visual team to be meaningful, accurate videos with a consistent style and practical information.


Display / reference:

Visilab – Un nouveau verre progressif «high-tech»


360° video, Client project, Complete VR kits, Creative brief, Photo, Rental, service portfolio, video, VR 360°
360°, activation, application, appstore, campaign, marketing, mountain, playstore, switzerland, virtual reality
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