About This Project

Customer: Various ( MCI group, Dell, HSBC, M3, …)

Brief summary: Impressing attendance and helping guests enjoy new experiences is a sure path to making your event memorable. Our customers rely on GlobalVision to provide all software and hardware for a Virtual Reality 360° experience during their events.

Due to the wide variety of gear available in our offices, we offer VR animation for events, from just 2 headsets to several dozens. We can supply ready-made content from our own exclusive collection or supply with custom-made special graphics, animations and rollercoasters to ensure your theme and brand guidelines are respected.

Whether for entertaining purposes, product presentation, 360° live streaming of events, we supply hardware and expertise to make your events resonnate with succces. We supply with synchronized 360° video player, customized branded experiences and live monitoring solutions. Whatever your brief is, we ensure it will be done in a proper way by an expert team.

Complete VR kits, Product, Rental, service portfolio, Virtual Reality, VR 360°
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