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Customer: Services Industriels de Genève


Brief summary: Eco21 celebrates 10 years in 2017. It has achieved significant milestones, thanks to people adopting ecogestures. Reducing electricity consumption yielded serious results. To keep on this effort and reach more people, SIG required GlobalVision to submit proposal for a complete booth concept, using augmented- and virtual-reality (VR). The booth is to run all day for a 10-days exhibition.


Concept: The first task was to design clear guidelines on the three aspects of the project: the booth concept, the AR experience, the VR experience.


Booth concept: only days after the initiation of the project, first 3D drawings were ready to show the booth concept. It is a full preview you can virtually walk around. The model changes according to SIG feedback until it was a convincing concept. This helped the SIG team pitch to stand-builders and get better and faster response.


Augmented Reality experience: using the provided tablet, viewers go around the booth looking for responsive visuals. Once they find one and scan it, layered on top of images, an educational video, followed by a fun AR-quizz makes learning ecogestures fun and memorable. And good scores get gifts.


Virtual Reality experience: player is immersed in a photorealistic 3D apartment, where he should activate various eco-gestures. Every action is linked to a score (Electricity, Water, CO2) and a time. The VR-experience runs independently from two sets of Oculus rift room-scale.


Solution: The SIG project certainly represents a complete example of technology used for a good cause, and GlobalVision offered the tools to connect both. A constant communication with SIG event team, regular previews and complete handling of the project proved a great result. As for the technical side, the videos, alongside the post-production effects, the 3D VR experience, as well as Augmented Reality app were crafted by three different GlobalVision teams: video production, design & 3D, app creation, adding up to hundreds of working hours. The booth has been deployed for 10-days exhibition and visited by hundreds of people. As a result, they discover both AR / VR and eco-gestures for the good of the planet.

360° aerial, 3D, Aerial image / drone, Augmented Reality (AR), Industrial, Virtual Reality, VR 360°
android, augmented reality, booth, custom, eco21, energy-saving, exhibition, flat, geneva, palexpo, SIG, switzerland, virtual reality
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