Real estate visualization in VR

globalvision offers premium real estate visualization tools, allowing construction professionals and clients alike to get a sense of presence, even for non-existing projects. Using our state-of-the-art techniques, we turn any masterplan, floorplan or artist impression into a fully interactive model, where viewers can walk around, enjoy interactif with furnitures, or even change the interior, based on our special VR configurator tool.

It is now getting more and more common for potential buyers and clients to seek for an idea of the look and feel of a future property or development. Whether is is for commercial, residential or industrial properties, our service of real estate architectural VR visualization can be used for any such kind of project with convenience and peace of mind. The digital artwork we craft can then be viewed through a regular web-browser (using webVR function), or directly into VR headsets, with teleporting and movements capabilities, as well as interacting with the environment.

We provide our service across the board, from floorplan conversion (sketchup, autocad, maya, blender, 3DSmax), to interior design and fully customized textures. We are able to intervene in the project at any stage of completion, taking it from existing available data into a complete VR environment.


Real Estate Development

m3 Real Estate

Mixed-use Development

Ascendas OneHub

Golf Course Development

Country Club & Private Estate

360° VR Live Experience

VR Corner at Launch Event

360° 3D Roller Coaster VR

VR themed rollercoaster promotion

VR Platform for Appartment Visit

Instant VR Visit for Appartments/Houses

Our VR solution for real estate and construction professionals is sure to be a fit for your own needs. If you are an architect, interior designer or construction-related industrial partner, contact globalvision today to discuss of your needs.

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