Brands usually resort to activation campaigns to launch their new products, or renew interest into their existing range of products. In the fast moving  consumer goods market (FMCG), the need to reinvent new ways to reach a particular audience is always renewed.

When a brand contact globalvision for such a development, we can offer a broad array of solutions: both online and offline.

Whether your brand seeks for a way to engage shoppers, or simply to run a contest allowing to collect some data, globalvision has all solutions in place and ready to assemble in your very own project. We have already created a variety of VR expériences for FMCG, including rollercoaster, VR walkthrough, guided tour and all types of augmented packaging.

Using a virtual reality experience for activation helps to scale and spread your message, while offering a new-, innovative- and fun way to interact with buyers. On the buyer side, it might help to visualize the context to use the product, give insights into how it is made, or possibly forray into a fantasy world corresponding to the brand’s universe.
Given the consulting, 3D modelling and universe creation, as well as hardware rental, our clients get all of the related services with only one reliable partner.

Whatever your own purpose, globalvision team helps you transfer your virtual reality project from dream to reality, so that your next brand activation Campaign can be done efficiently in VR.
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Teppy Minute Maid Activation – 3D VR

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360° Video VR

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360° VR Factory Visit

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